Update re: Executive Release

This document now replaces PSI 30/2014

Recall, Review and re-release of recalled prisoners Policy Framework

Issue date : 1 April 2019

5.12 Executive Release
5.12.1 PPCS, on behalf of the Secretary of State, has the power to executively release determinate sentence prisoners into the community subject to licensed supervision at any time during the recall period, including those prisoners subject to extended sentences. All such releases take place without reference to the Parole Board; in making a decision to re-release, the Secretary of State must be satisfied that the recalled prisoner’s RoSH can be safely managed in the community.
5.12.2 Offender managers can initiate a review of suitability for re-release at any point during the prisoner’s recall by submitting an updated Part C report to PPCS. There is no requirement to wait until the next scheduled review of the case (including any directed oral hearing) to request re-release.
5.12.3 PPCS will work with the offender manager and, where appropriate, the offender supervisor to develop a robust risk management plan that addresses the risks identified, including any additional licence conditions to support compliance and protect the public. PPCS will also liaise with the offender manager in regard to the preferred timescale for re-release, taking into account availability of accommodation and other relevant factors.

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